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Vancouver is Beautiful

Stating the obvious

The top brass have completed their Vital Mission to Vancouver, and the immaculately run Playhouse Wine Festival. We blazed a trail in the Canadian West,  jumped off the landing craft and established a beachhead for Two Paddocks,  flew the flag with New World Wines, looked and sounded as good as diplomats as we could for New Zealand Wine, and, most importantly, went to some ripper parties. Bad behaviour kept to a minimum, and we even went to service on a very wet Anzac Day at the main Vancouver War Memorial. (Which sits right next to, of all things, H.Q. for marijuana law reform. Don’t know why we find that curious, it just is.)

There are one or two reports on all this in our Articles section, but one reasonably interesting additional factoid – our Two Paddocks Pinot Noir sold out in under two hours. Possibly because the esteemed Anthony Grismondi recommended it as part of his "Perfect Case."

Never mind, more is on the way, and if you can’t find it, you marvellous, friendly, Vancouverites,  call Peter or Elizabeth at New World Wines and ask in that nice, well mannered Canadian way you have.

All up, we feel well pleased.

Many thanks to:

Harry Hertscheg

Anthony Gismondi

Peter and Elizabeth Crews

and Shannon Heth (quite possibly, not only the world's most helpful PR person, but also the best)

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