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Two Paddocks  for Diets! Startling News from Health Front!

Who Knew?

We love diligent and comprehensive research into the health benefits or otherwise of wine, and we love the Southland Times  - always up to the minute.

I don’t carry one of those annoying water bottles to the gym any more" Wine, not water

Our local paper yesterday quotes The Sunday Times in an article from Boston about a new study that suggests that "Women who like a glass of wine after work can relax: they are likely to gain less weight than those who stick to  mineral water."

Look at reports past on this blog – it seems as if not only does red wine have properties that may lead to sweeter breath, a longer life, a happier life etc., (in moderation), but now it seems to have dieting advantages!

"Women who are moderate drinkers also have a lower risk of obesity than teetotalers, according to new research. The findings, from a study of 19,000 women, are at odds with dietary advice  that drinking alcohol leads to weight gain.

"The research suggests a calorie from alcohol has less impact than a calorie from other foods, and that the way the body deals with alcohol is more complex than previously realised.

"One theory is that in regular drinkers the liver develops  a separate metabolic pathway  to break down  alcohol, with surplus energy turned mainly into heat, instead of fat. {here’s the good bit...}   In the study, red wine was associated with the lowest weight gain; beer and spirits were linked to the highest weight gain."

Hurrah! Cheers, you slim thing!

We imagine women all over the world, cooing at their svelte selves in the mirror  - "Thanks Two Paddocks!"

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