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The Rammies

A Big Night of Ups and Downs

An eagerly awaited night in the world of Showbiz and Sport are the annual Rammies, this year held in Sydney. On this august and glittering night the Stars come out for the Naming of the Ram (Two Paddocks),  after an individual who has served with particular distinction and flair in his field.

To qualify for a  Rammy you need to:

  1. Be a bona fide Star.
  2. Be male  (we would prefer the awards not to be sexist, but oddly, even in these enlightened times, women seem to prefer male sheep not to be named in their honour).
  3. Have drunk with the proprietor on many occasions (a pretty wide field then).

(Note : the rules do not actually disallow bribery, but if attempted, it might be better if no mention is made.)

This year’s Rammy, Hugo Weaving, is deeply honoured and humbled to have the Ram named after him, YouGo Weaving. He thanks the proprietor, and his agent. Hugo Weaving honored Almost immediately Hugo’s euphoria evaporates as the news breaks that YouGo has died in the course of his duties, on the job, so to speak. Hugo is gutted as the news sinks in. He forgets his agent. Hugo gutted.

A devastated Hugo is comforted by friends and family. He tries to smile gamely through the tears.

Hugo comforted by friends.

The show must go on. George Gregan is delighted to receive a Rammy. Says this is the crowning accolade of his career, he is humbled  etc., and thanks his agent. Overlooks the fact that he has no agent. Wishes George Gleegun every success.

GeorgeGregan wins. George receives ecstatic congratulations all round. Other showbiz luminaries present are green with envy, but in best Oscar tradition, put on good sporting face. Hugo congratulated Hugo has pulled himself together enough to congratulate his newly crowned successor. Much applause. Hugo congratulates George Hugo has a relapse. Relapse Others present at this years Rammies include: Richard Roxburgh, Silvia Colloca, David Wenham, Kate Agnew, Erica Gregan, Katrina Greenwood.  

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