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The Private Paddock: A Club

Yes, we know it sounds ... well ... kind of poncey.

But for a multitude of reasons, we've decided to rationalize our present rather random visit programme, as well as our online business, and instead form a sort of club. Yes, a club! A CLUB! For YOU! And rather exclusive, as it happens. -- The Private Paddock

Sounds good? You bet. Well, even if it doesn't sound great, it will be. It's a wine club, that will give you access to our Club House (which used to be our Cellar Door, but which will now only be available to our club members.) We will have Club House visits, wine tasting, and vineyard/farm tours three times a week, initially.

  • You can say hello to our vineyard pigs, cows, sheep, chooks (Meryl Streep for instance, the world's finest acting chicken) and the odd vineyard employee. Who are almost always odd. In a good way.
  • You can see for yourself the bounteous bio-diversity of our organically farmed Redbank farm H.Q. And our NZ art collection.
  • It will give you invitations to special Private Paddock events – the occasional  dinner, harvest picnics and so on.
  • It will allow you to say hello to the Prop when he's around. Wait , that's probably not a benefit as such, now we think of it. And Graham Norton. The calf.
  • You'll get newsletters and, four times a year, the musing missive from that internationally famed writer and blogger Sam Neill. Oh hang on, maybe we exaggerated that slightly. The famed writer bit ... Okay, we admit, that's a gross exaggeration.
  • First access to new vintage releases, museum wines and highly awarded wines.
  • And discounts on further wine purchases.

We want you to see you here at Two Paddocks. And we want you to feel you belong here as one of our valued clients. As part of our Paddock.  So, join up.

How to Join

Membership ensures you will receive a selection of every vintage of our wines. Most of our wine is very low in output (120 cases only is typical of our single vineyard Pinots), and is strictly allocated. It is therefore, easy to miss some of our best -- it just won't make it as far as your local shop. So membership means we will send you a mixed case of our Pinots plus some of our equally rare Riesling twice a year. Two deliveries per year of Two Paddocks Central Otago Pinot Noir with a small inclusion of Riesling.

Two Types of Membership:

Membership – 2 x 6-packs per year (12 bottles)

Even better membership – 2 x 12-packs per year (24 bottles)*

 We will advise you every vintage as to the price of your delivered wine, and exactly which wines will be included. You can always decline if you wish. You won't want to wish that. (That doesn't sound as if it makes sense, but it does, really).

The Even Better Membership will allow you to book a night in the Honeymoon Suite.

Sounds great doesn't it? Oh yes, indeed. Here's a link to get you started.

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