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The Fuecundity of Sheep

While we admire many things about how they do things in China, we do differ on radically on various aspects of life and production at Two Paddocks.

For instance, we refuse to mass produce; you will be hard pressed to buy our Riesling at Wal-Mart. Also we pay our employees far too much, and we have no respect at all for those at the top.

When the Proprietor attempted to introduce morning Chinese-type calisthenics for all workers (the Prop on bull horn yelling, "up, down, up, down"), he was met with howls of derision. You wouldn’t get that in Beijing. We may have to bring a few blokes from the New People’s Army to instill a little discipline into the rank and file.

Also we have never adopted a One Lamb Policy. And every year our beautiful South Suffolk ewes take full advantage. This year is no exception, despite the retirement of rams Mel Gibbston and Jimmy Baahns. The girls had a tryst this year with visiting stars Tim Sporl and Liam Kneeson who, it seems, rocked their world big-time. This year we have 24 lambs from 14 ewes, including 3 sets of triplets. For the statistically minded, that is a lambing rate of 170%.

You go girls!



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