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Ten Useful Distractions

Or things to do when it’s too wet to prune.

The excellent John Clarke (aka Fred Dagg for those still in the time warp) sends us ten excellent diversions. Being not only funny and a connoisseur of funny people, but also utilitarian, John provides useful links to somewhere else in a cloud of ether where they store sublime material. Funny material!

We would appreciate it if you do not show this to our staff as John suggests. There is ALWAYS something that needs doing if it is too wet to prune vines.

If you are not on the floor crippled with laughter on watching most of these, your medication might be overprescribed, and perhaps your doctor should be revisited. Or struck off.

And if you don't think Astaire and Powell are just downright delightful, then we give up. In essence, these are all for a good old cheer-up!

Over to John:

John ClarkeHerefollows a list of uplifting material. The viewing experience may be enhanced by a tincture of TP's elixir, although the plimsol line is clearly marked on your maps and is well short of items 5, 7 and 10.

Follow the links to these distraction on YouTube

  1. Getting to Know You, Jack Benny, Giselle MacKenzie
  2. Fork Handles, Two Ronnies  
  3. Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell
  4. Cement Mixer, Slim Gaillard (Marvin Gaye's father-in-law)
  5. Jen Kirkman. Drunk History
  6. Peter Cook summing up in the Jeremy Thorpe trial
  7. Foster Brooks roasting Don Rickles
  8. Moonlight Bay, Morecombe and Wise and The Beatles
  9. Schoolteacher, Rowan Atkinson
  10. Paul Whitehouse

Have we cheered up yet?

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