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Tasting Pinot on Mars

There no limits here at HQ to the lengths we will go, the places we will travel, to ensure our heavenly products are tested at the very limits of human endurance. Ultimately for the benefit of you, the customer.

On a regular basis, we assemble the very best palates we can find, (it helps if the said palates belong to good company — and when are they ever not?) and then send them to the most unlikely of settings to see if  Two Paddocks drinks well in situ. Alps, deserts, canyons, seabeds, jungles; you name it.

This week we found a crack panel of gourmets and bon vivants, and courtesy of NASA , sent them to Mars. You may be surprised to see the team freely helping themselves to the atmosphere, but then oxygen is essential for wine tasting.

Result: Two paddocks 2006 First Paddock is superb , even under these circumstances. (The sharp – eyed  will observe one other wine we liked:  a Shaw Smith chardonnay,  very good indeed.)

OK, we made up the Mars bit; we are in fact near Lake Eyre in the deep interior of Australia, now in flood — a once in every 20 or 30 year event. But it might as well be Mars. And we certainly weren’t on a soundstage at Burbank.

Mars exploration team

Those familiar with our TP fan base will see at the opposite end of the group from the Proprietor, the most capped player in the history of rugby (139 international caps) George Gregan, ex Wallaby Captain. On team for comedic purposes and health and hygiene expertise. Leads by example.

Also present:

Bill Potter — Raconteur, marriage counselor, travel expert, jokes

Dave Johnstone — Stand-up comedian, public relations, waste disposal

Nick Collinshaw — Sit-down comedian, financial advisor "don't," security

Gunner Sachs — Team leader, spiritual guide, photography and low surrealism


We found , no surprise,  that the bottle of Two Paddocks not finished drank even better the next day . Well of course it would. It is a matter of deep regret to wine makers all over the world that 99.9 % of wines are drunk within an hour of opening, thus never allowing the wine to open up to its full glory.

So here’s our suggestion; Open your lovely bottle of Two Paddocks or Picnic, drink half a glass, then put the  top back on. Then turn to the bottle of Two Paddocks you opened YESTERDAY, and drink  that , keeping the one you just opened for tomorrow. Repeat the next day.

You know it makes sense...


Mars exploration team Picnic Proprietor gives thumbs up to Picnic at previous  picnic in peaceful pastorale. Priceless.

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