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St Patrick’s Day

The Proprietor, abroad again, found himself in New York City this week, and with a moment or two to reflect on things. Not things of substance, you understand. That would be well beyond his meagre powers.

Stuck on 5th Avenue, after visiting the august offices of the WINE SPECTATOR and forced to contemplate the St Patrick’s Day Parade, the following random questions came to mind.

  1. Why, in America, is screaming the ultimate sign of approval?
  2. Who comes up with the extraordinarily baroque and bizarre designs for uniforms worn by marching bands?
  3. Can it really be true that there are so many Irish people in New York?
  4. How is it that so many people of Irish extraction ended up in the wine business? (Lynch, Barton, Hennessy, the Proprietor etc.)
  5. Why is it, given that the staple crop in Ireland for 500 years was the potato, the Irish never invented, let alone made, vodka?
  6. Is marching harmless? (Probably depends on where you choose to march)
  7. Which of the Fates decided, seemingly randomly, to bring Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel and Sam Neill together without any foreknowledge, in the same room at the same time (Saturday night) for the first time since the screening of The Piano at Cannes in 1994? Or is it just A Small World After All?
  8. How cool an actor is Emily Mortimer?
  9. Is New York City completely and utterly amazing? (of course)

Any help on these baffling questions gratefully received.

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