25 November 2022


The triumphal return of the TWO PADDOCKS TOP 10

This weekend we see the triumphal return of the famed TWO PADDOCKS TOP 10 music charts. 

We ask friends, family and staff to make a list of their all time favourites.

Sometimes the odd famous person turns up, and we start this way with a bang, with the great 

                                    JEFF GOLDBLUM !

Yes, the same funny guy, Band leader, Actor and consummate Musician we all know and love so well .

Here he is, arpeggios and all, cool as a cool cat can be, hepdaddying all the way from Italy no less, with style, flair and a comprehensive, encyclopedic even, knowledge of That Great American music form - JAZZ . What a Top 10!. What a restart for TP !!

Welcome Jeff - did we ever have a cooler DJ ? We  think not  ! Crank up the volume and ….let’s dance everyone !


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