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Sheep v. Tractor

The debate rages on

About this time of year, you are probably considering capital purchases, and the issue often arises – should we go the tractor option, or fall back on the sheep? A tough one, we agree, but grass must be cut.

So here’s a simple guide to the pros and cons.



The Sheep ...for

  • Self propelled, no operator required
  • Quiet, except when upset
  • Wool fibre by-product,  itchy but warm
  • No garaging required, or road permit
  • Makes good pet, outside only
  • Cheap to run, powered by grass
  • Responsive to barking (runs away)
  • Useful for Nativity plays

The Tractor...for

  • Available in many colours. Red and green popular
  • Fast
  • No dog required
  • Multi-tasks: e.g. could drain a swamp, flatten a car, etc.

The Sheep ...against

  • Only available in 2 colours, black or white
  • No dealership support
  • Some methane emission (do not smoke near sheep)
  • Needs annual shearing, prone to foot rot
  • May panic en masse
  • Spare parts unavailable

The Tractor...against

  • No by-products
  • Expensive to run, powered by fossil fuels
  • Loud, even at sheep speed
  • Dangerous on hills
  • Highly paid operator required
  • Makes a lousy pet
  • Inedible (but then so are our sheep)


Finally, Sir Edmond Hillary chose a tractor, not a sheep, to take to the South Pole. On the other hand, Ermengildo Zegna never made a suit from old John Deere parts; he prefers good merino wool.

You decide...

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