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Romance En Mass

Baahbaah Cartland


A hint of autumn in the air – always a time in the Paddocks when we get out the violins, and play cupid. It’s a seasonal thing. Autumn in the air This year, the South Suffolk girls have an invitee ram, a big handsome lad, who is loving up his temporary harem for a few weeks. However, things were not altogether straightforward this year.  The ram  comes with an inbuilt handicap – he is already named -- Hamish. This, of course will not do. We already have a Hamish, our very dopey looking, but actually low-cunning, boer goat. There is no way our ewes would allow a "Hamish" into the same paddock, let alone sire next season’s lambs. Distain

We therefore had to make a quick decision, on the ram’s arrival, to give him a new – albeit temporary – alias. (Two Paddocks followers know that to be named after one of our rams is a much sought after honour in the world of show biz... up there with a Golden Globe.)

This year... [drum roll]... The Illustrious Honour of the Ram Naming  ... goes to... [open envelope ].... HUGO WEAVING!

So, here he is, Hugo, with his gang of girls,17 altogether. As you can see, he likes to keep them close, in a tight huddle. He’s the big outrageously unshorn chap in the middle. Do not catch his eye... he’s a fairly single minded fellow.


And the girls seem to like it that way. They’re huddling all day.

Go figure.

We will report on Hugo’s performance in the spring. We judge things on results. Watch this space...

And, while we’re at it, here’s another sheep – a former pet lamb somewhat imaginatively called Baa Baa by a somewhat small child. Baa Baa is still everyone’s pet, a surprisingly affectionate animal.

Baa Baa

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