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Rockstar Rocks Up


From woah to go in six minutes flat.

Our new South Suffolk ram arrived this week, seemingly a glad sight for our girls, who haven’t had a boyfriend for ... oh, exactly a year.

(Those of you who keep up with this blog will remember the fearsome maniac George Gleegun who had his wicked way this time last year, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, including the untimely death of the much beloved Baa Baa.)

Mike is of the opinion that this new chap, now called Mehrts after the most amusing All Black in living memory, is a far more courtly fellow than his predecessor. Mehrts was seen to chat up the girls for at least five minutes before getting down to business. That's five minutes more than George ever bothered with.

Well, here’s to gallantry and good old fashioned manners, you old charmer ...

Mehrts alights from the limousine. Mehrts He immediately senses the proximity of girls. Woah! And gets his bearings. Yep, they’re over that way. Mehrts trots off on a very important date. I’m late, I’m late ... The girls spot the new arrival. Well hello Big Boy! And hello to you, Good Lookin’! Mehrts is almost immediately swamped by admirers. And then it’s Hello Darling! Hello Darling! Hello Darling! etc ...

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