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Red Bullies

Big Ones ...

Not all "beverage" producers are as friendly as our fellow Pinot Producers (see previous stories below). In fact, some can be  belligerent and vexatious.

Here’s a little story that resurfaced a day or two ago that still amuses us here at HQ....

The Sociable Red label

A few years ago, Two Paddocks  trademarked the phrase "The Sociable Red" which we attached to our labels. It is usually seen with the charming little picture that Leunig made for us of a romantic couple having a most sociable picnic under a blossoming tree, along with a couple of ducks.

Shortly afterwards, we were somewhat shocked to receive a very stern and threatening stand-over letter  from a Big Important Law Firm representing Red Bull, the manufacturer of a rather sickly-sweet, popular, caffeinated soft drink. The gist of this letter was that they owned the word "Red" with regard to beverages, and that we should cease and desist, or the strongest legal measures would follow against us.

Now, we are a very, very little wine producer, and having a vast, rich and powerful organization holding a big stick over our heads we naturally found not a little disturbing. For a minute.

Then the Proprietor  started to laugh. Immoderately.

And dictated a letter back from our Little Neighbourhood Legal Firm to the Big Pompous Red Bull Legal Firm.

The gist of this letter was that the Proprietor would welcome any legal proceedings they cared to bring, and we would see them in court. Anytime. Frankly, you couldn’t ask for better publicity.

Oddly enough, we never heard from the Massive, Self-Important Red Bull Legal Firm ever again.

Moral of the story: always call a bluff.

Footnote: We rather like Mark Webber though.

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