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Ram on the Lam

Delinquency drama

This month our current ram, Sonny Baa Williams, has been terrifyingly close to an early demise while on a mysterious and potentially hair raising adventure.

Languishing for a few weeks away from his future girlfriends in one of our back paddocks, Mike went to round him up for his annual conjugal duties a couple of weeks ago. Confident that Sonny Baa was well rested and fit for service, Mike strode through the gate, along with dog, ready to rustle our boy quick smart. To everyone's complete surprise, Sonny Baa had vanished. We searched high and low, but Bad Baa was nowhere on the farm.  None of the neighbours had seen him. Mystery. Those bleats from the ewe paddock were clearly bleats of frustration – their boyfriend was well overdue, and the clock was ticking. The days passed, and still no Sonny Bill. We, the ewes, everyone was at a loss. Where was Sonny Baa?

Then we got a call from a farm miles down the road -- someone knew we had Suffolk sheep. A strange Suffolk ram had been caught red-handed shagging their sheep without any authority at all. Much outrage. Was it ours? Did we own a bandit serial ewe server on the loose? If not, Sonny Baa was dog tucker. Pet food. We raced to the rescue (feeling slightly sheepish about owning such a delinquent). Rescued in the nick of time, Sonny Baa was a mere half hour from a sticky ending.

As soon as he was home he jumped over the truck sides and straight onto the job, his first conquest among our girls within 30 seconds. Amazing.

We wonder now how (and why) he got to his destination. Fording rivers, crossing roads, dodging dogs, hurdling fences, braving blizzards, hiding from hunters -- two weeks on the run, facing all kinds of dangers. What havoc has he wrought on his journey? How many little Sonny Baas will be popping out around the district come springtime? And now, here he is, home again, hard at it back with the harem, guilt free as if it never happened.

Pictured below with a cluster of his admirers

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