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Proprietor Dispatched to Hong Kong

Assigned a Week of Multi-tasking (unlikely, but true)

L to R: Greg Melick, John Avery, Wayne Donaldson, Kingsley Liu, the Proprietor, Peter Lehmann

Task One: To launch Two Paddocks in this most exciting and glamorous of markets. Lovers of fine wine in South East Asia have been delirious at this long awaited development. By all accounts Proprietor less embarrassing than usual, and made no less than 6 speeches in 5 days. For those who need to know (all and sundry) our distributors in Hong Kong are the excellent Northeast Wines and Spirits helmed by the formidable and beautiful Lillian Haynes. Two Paddocks reportedly galloping off the shelves.

Task Two: In another unlikely development the Proprietor was asked to judge at the annual prestigious WINPAC (Pacific Rim Wine Festival). A minnow among whales, the Proprietor found himself in the distinguished company of the legendary John Avery and Greg Melick (chief judges), the redoubtable Sir Noel Power (founder) the splendid Peter Lehmann (a.k.a “The Baron of Barossa”, bon vivant, raconteur and top winemaker), Wayne Donaldson (top winemaker at Gallo Premium and wearer of bad shirts), local judges Burton, Robinson, Tan, Lee and Meiburg, plus organizers extraordinaire Bill Ahern and Susan Sanikow. Marvellous work and it’s possible the Proprietor learned something.

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