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Plunge Into Riesling: A New Microdoodle

Something we prepared earlier...

Before the present winter storms rolled in, and our Redbank main vineyard was still a green and pleasant land, we shot another humble miniature movie.

Actually we shot 3 or 4, but this is first out of the gate.

It stars the veteran thesp, that old hack, the Prop; severely under-tanned, after wintering in sunny Leeds and Liverpool. Ladies, look away please. We can only apologize if your livestock panic at the sight. We know we do.

The film is prompted by two thoughts at least. Firstly, we are fierce advocates for Riesling, that most noble yet underrated of white wines. If you are not a Riesling fan yet, we suggest you start trying Rieslings soon. Very rewarding. Forget everything you ever thought about Rieslings, particularly those horrible sweet industrial mittel-european jobs you drank when you were young and didn't know any better.

Secondly, we are fascinated by the provenance of wines – is the wine authentic? Is it made and grown authentically?  Where does it come from exactly? We are thrilled to walk among the very vines that produce a wine we admire wherever it is. A walk on the hallowed soil of Corton sealed that for me (in 2007, just after the World Rugby Cup calamity in France).

And if we may be permitted a further thought about the Cecil B. De Masterpiece you are about to witness ... there is more to life than just growing wine. Not much more, mind you.

We have made a bunch of other minor movies as well, to see more, if you haven’t already, follow this link.

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