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Lordy, Lordy, a long time a-comin'

Shop onlineYes folks, at last it's here, our online shop. Three years in the making, at the very least, by my count.  More difficult than it looks! Hopefully we have ironed out all the hiccups ...

We have been under a lot of pressure to produce an e-shop for quite some time.We very much hope you will find this useful. Here you will find our current releases, and on occasion, rarer vintages which we may have held back for later release. We will offer other merchandise from time to time as well.

We have to apologize in advance, however,  for the cost of shipping out of New Zealand; not great. Somewhat out of our hands we fear; all this is provided by contractors; and we do live in a clean and beautiful but distant corner of the world. Be assured we are continuing to look for the most reasonable alternative we can.

We do strongly recommend that you consider our little virtual boutique however, since all our vintages have a habit of selling out very quickly. Indeed, they are strictly allocated to our delightful distributors around the world. We will however hold a little back for those enthusiasts who would like to tap the source, so to speak. Since our wines are somewhat rare, we appreciate that it can be frustrating if our releases are snapped up before you have had a chance to acquire them; hopefully the e-shop answers that for you. We also understand that it can be frustrating if there are no retail Two Paddocks sellers nearby – this should help in that eventuality.

Anyway, the shop is here, and we welcome you through our (virtual) front door!

Virtual wine Not exactly our little shop, but something like it ...

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Sale of Liquor License Ref: OF129
Licence No. 67/OFF/30/2022
Expires 24th August 2025

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