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New Pig Arrives

Dreams come true for bachelors?

Our boy pig Angelica (yes we know – long story, told elsewhere on these pages, or see Bestiary under the Our Story section) had his prayers answered this week when a potential girlfriend alighted gracefully in his paddock. After a bit of a push.

Angelica, our boy Angelica

We found, living near by, a female Kuni Kuni pig, also a former household pet, a stunner of a pig, and we thought they looked made for each other. We offered her a home, and the offer was duly accepted.

New pig So the boys took the ute over and with considerable effort managed to get her on the back, and we then took her to Redbank. She and Angelica conversed for some time, he being delighted to see a new pig, and a girl at that, turn up out of the blue. But still, she refused to get down off the truck. cow observes

So Keith had to  give our new girl  a shove.

A shove

Angelica, our boy, rushed over to say hello properly. In the way pigs do.


Hello you.


There seems to be some chemistry there, as since then they have been inseparable. Possibly as he is rather insistent, in spite of her seeming indifference.


And okay, my name is Angelica, and yeah I know but it’s not what you’re thinking, and let me show you round ...


In fact, we think it's fair to say, she seems to find our boy reasonably passable, so who knows – romance in the air perhaps?

I bet he thinks he’s God’s gift to pigs, even if he is sorta cute.


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