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Negociants Roadshow

Taking the Poetry Of Wine to the People

We know what you’re thinking -- that the life of a Proprietor is an endless grind of work, work, work. And more work.

Well true enough.

Actually, seen from the perspective of a Siberian coal miner, that would be a bit of a push. Particularly when you consider something like the Negociants NZ Roadshow -- four convivial days with amiable colleagues from other excellent wineries taking our wares around our beautiful land to a bunch of the most delightful people from New Zealand's hospitality industry. How could that not be a great time?

For instance , here's the Prop enjoying meeting Debbie Gribble in Auckland at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Debbie is from Amare, who provision super yachts -- big business now up north. Next time you are in the Waitemata on your 300 footer - service your chopper, restock your cinema, top up the foie gras supplies and ensure you have enough Two Paddocks to get you to the Marquesas (6 cases minimum, 15 if you are doing the round trip). Call Debbie.

If, on the other hand, you, like the Prop, putt around in a clinker built dinghy, 2 bottles of Picnic should get you across the harbour okay. Six if you plan to make it back home on the same day.

Wine tasting with Debbie Thanks again Negociants. (Note – if you live in NZ, and your local wine shop has no Two Paddocks, put them in touch with their local Negociants rep. No worries!)


21 June 2011

More Vineyard Fashions

Do not look to our crew for help with prêt-à-porter

When you work on a vineyard, especially one as obscure and hard to find as ours, you can wear pretty much whatever you like in reasonable certainty that no-one will ever embarrass you by pointing out how ... odd that top you’re wearing really is.

Not any more! Thanks to the miracle of modern communication, and the candid nature of this blog, we are all of us open to scrutiny at all times.

So, going back to harvest time, here we are around the bins, and here’s Bob’s old burgundy sweater, a garment we generally take for granted – it’s been coming to work for years now.

It’s only when you see the thing in photos that questions must be asked. Who designed that sucker? Who sold it? Who bought it? Were they drunk? If they weren’t, maybe they should be?

Whoever is responsible – give them a medal. That thing has been cheering us up for ages.

sweater Mike and Keith cracking up in the Ram Riesling block. 'It’s not you, Bob. It’s the jersey!'

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