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Musical Notes

By way of explanation

As of today, we will move the Team’s Top 10s into a special section under Our Team. We like our new feature – musical taste tells so much, and we only employ the most interesting people imaginable – but from now on we will only headline here on the blog our new entrants, and then you can find all the details in by following the links provided in the posts.

Next up on July 20th – Bylcreem Bob, "a little dab’ll do ya!" takes us back to the Bob-as-rebel-without-a-cause Dunedin 1950s.

Now, about the music on the microblogs: It has had a fair bit of response -- with opinions varying between "dire" and "catchy." The brilliant Don McGlashan (Muttonbirds, Front Lawn, etc.) promised to knock us up some music, but he wasn't available until later this month – playing New York, Chicago, etc. And we couldn’t wait that long.

In the meantime, we tried some temp music off the web, just for fun. One track made us laugh so much, we decided to buy it. And the price was right -- a grand total of $49.99, which made us love it even more. (Easily the biggest thing in the budget, by the way.) It sounded to some of us like drunk Hawaiians playing cowboy music. And to others like drunk cowboys playing Hawaiian music.

Either way, not very dignified. Can you imagine what kind of pompous baroque orchestration a first growth Bordeaux Chateau microdoodle would sport?

Maybe that’s what we’ll get Don to do for the next lot of micros -- something so serious, it’d be a riot.

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