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Mark Departing

Cake Galore

So, after 7 years at the helm, Mark is moving to Waiheke, to another winery, and leaving us behind.  They grow something called Syrah there, which may be alright, we don’t know.

We are sorry to see Mark go; he has done a marvelous job here, but we are pleased for him, and wish him all the best at Passage Rock*, and in his newly social life in the bright lights of Auckland. We will be staying with Mark for weeks on end when we get our holidays – he’s a great cook and can use the company.

In the meantime, we have advertised for a new manager. Hard shoes to fill.

Catherine made a great cake for Mark’s farewell.

Mark's cake

Mark tries not to look too excited about leaving.


Ed. note: Bob is a long time enthusiast of the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet , and, while the spotlight is on Mark, takes the opportunity to graze undisturbed  in the background.

Mark Field The Proprietor tries to tell Mark to sod off, but Mark gets in first. Mark Field, Sam Neill The Staff  combine to try to give Mark the push, but not too hard – Mark has the knife. Mark and team

Goodbye Mark, we will miss you. *note .. Passage Rock is in fact a very good winery.

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