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Manure Matters!

We S---. You Not.

We have mentioned before that we are enthusiasts for matters Bio-Dynamic at Two Paddocks, and Mike in particular is gung-ho about this approach. He is the King of Compost. We go the hard yards to ensure healthy soils, healthy vines, and ultimately healthy wines.

We’ll spare you a lot of the photos of what we do in this regard: frankly they are not for the faint hearted. And it’s fairly technical too – the Prop gets a little heavy lidded when staff get too engrossed in the subject.

But here is a glimpse – mixing CPP (Cow Pat Pit) in the bath; made from fresh manure, egg shell flour and basalt rock dust (on the left).

And digging up our Preparation 500 (made from cow horns and cow manure) which we bury in the autumn, and dig up for use in the spring (on the right).



We could go on about Rudolf Steiner, full moons, the rhythms of.....zzzz....zzzz....gaaahh .... No!  No. I was just resting my eyes. Honest!

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