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Lord Julian Fellowes Looking for Work

Our office workers harassed.

Lord Julian Fellowes Lord J, with girlfriend A, does the Lambeth Walk outside the Tasting Room

A curious thing has been happening of late. Our pheasants were set free to roam some weeks ago and we were anxious they would take to the hills and never be seen again. However we seem to have had a surprisingly good result, and Lord Julian Fellowes and his harem of four have stayed around the farm, favouring the nectarine block and the dam in particular.

But oddly Lord Julian has taken to hanging around the office, and they are sometimes seen peering in at Jacqui and Catherine, who find this rather startling. Particularly as Lord J was so snooty and stand offish for weeks after his arrival. And a peering pheasant is not something you see every day.

We are not sure what's going on here. Does he fancy a bit of office work? Is being a Peer of the Realm (you got that didn't you?) not enough, does he want to do our accounts as well? Is he eying the computer, having had some good ideas for the third series of Downton Abbey? Or is he merely preening himself in his reflected glory? He is, it has to be said, rather beautiful. Who knows ... a mysterious bird.

Elsewhere, Mike reports that the lamb count comes out at 22 ram lambs, and only 8 ewe lambs. Not sure what to make of this imbalance, although it may be related in some way to the bandit maniac father George Gleegun’s excess testosterone ...

Mike is also crossing fingers that all frosts are past now -- six sleepless nights since returning from Burgundy -- but experience tells us that anything can happen, and usually does.

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