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Letter from Saša Zavrtnik

On Picnic with Picnic

Dear all at TP HQ, I want to inform you that your wine - Picnic Pinot Noir 2007 has been opened (again) on the other end of the world, in Croatia, on 15th August 2011. It was evening when my dear wife and I went to a romantic picnic on the sandy beach near Nin - small and old royal town on the coast of Adriatic Sea. Sun was setting, beach was empty and we were walking by the sea... When I have found the right spot with the right view, I have laid down the blanket. Then we took out the wine, two glasses, dish with special ovine cheese, some delicious Dalmatian grapes and figs together with a candle for special atmosphere... And everything indeed was special. Sea was whispering while I was opening Picnic Pinot Noir...

Ummm… Aroma that was coming out of the bottle was invitingly luscious and the dark ruby colour was just fitting for these mid to late summer sunset. With eagerness, I poured the wine into glasses… After stirring, the taste was gorgeous. You can feel currant and blackberry, abundance of fruits... Also, an interesting game of tannins and acidity took place on my palate. Desirable and succulent while drinking - but gently, you have to take your time to enjoy (since it was our last bottle).

At the end, this Picnic wine was just fit for the given moment – our private picnic. Picnic Pinot Noir has become very good blended with the sand, the sea, summer breeze (that just continued to put off the candle), nocturnal ambience with intimate candle light (in few short periods) and cold plat completed with this wonderful fruity wine. The most important thing is that this excellent New Zealand red wine was in our glasses in the front of us and this is where the magic lies! We have had an opportunity to taste something so special from the land so far away which I admire so much!

Kind regards from Croatia…   Saša Zavrtnik

P.S. To fulfil our story I have added some pictures to this letter. Hope you will like them!

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