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How to Stay Warm

If you happen to be a small pig.

Alright, we acknowledge that this is a wine site, and we’ve had more than one pig story this year, but  look, we aim to help. For instance, you might just be a small pig ... well, you might be ... and say you were born at the beginning of winter, and your big fat mama has a habit of wandering off, just wandering away for no apparent reason,  and you need to see where she’s got to, just to check she’s coming back and hasn’t just abandoned you Piggyfor ever and ever,  and in looking out the door of your little piggy home, you get shivery shivery COLD, and probably a little teeny bit SCARED, and ... and ... oh no, you just can’t see Mum, and everything is so large and frightening and freezing out there, and where is she, because you’re simply STARVING not having fed for at least five minutes, and ... and ... you haven’t even seen your brothers and sisters for ages and ages, at least half a minute, and all you’ve got to wear is a few ginger bristles, whereas those enormous, white wooly animals over there seem to come with wooly coats made from what looks like ...well ... wool,  and you’re feeling more and more anxious, and cold, and even a little teeny weeny bit PANICKY ...



...what do you do then? Turn and RUN. RUUUNNNN!

PiggyAnd, quick, that’s better, there they all are, all your brothers and sisters, all running for the same corner, and then you jump -- stacks on the mill, and if you’re smart, you see if you can push your way to the BOTTOM of the pile, that’s the warm spot, even if it is a bit ... er ... smelly, and sometimes a bit hard to breathe, but oh oh oh,  it’s so so much better than all that out there.

Yes, that’s good.  Mmmm. Aaahh.

So ... does anyone know ... where’s Mum?  Anyone?

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