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Goodbye Nathan

The Freefencer Departs

Dinner Nathan Bye

Last week, Nathan packed his bags, and set off for the wide wide world. Puzzlingly, he has elected to leave the lavish comforts of bachelor TP life  in favour of married life in Greymouth, on the West Coast. And a new career in fencing.

As is the custom, we threw a commemorative lunch for Nathan at TPHQ. Nathan (at the rear of the table) made the longest speech in our long history of long speeches. Mike replied at length, followed by Jacqui at longer length, followed by just about everyone else at endless length, by which time it was time to go home.

But first it was time to cut Nathan adrift. Hardly hyperventilating at all, and with a few fond tears showing for his immense gratitude for all the good times, Nathan walked away bravely into the scary future. Note he is wearing (a gift from TP) his leather fencing apron. Which is not unlike a Freemason's apron, except for fencers. Maybe they have a Freefencers' Lodge in Greymouth, who knows?

Staff waved Nato farewell. More tears. And got back to the wine as soon as he was out of sight. We all wish Nato, and his bride, all the very best.

Sad to see a promising career in viticulture abandoned just like that and so soon. Secretly, however, we think that the glitzy, glamorous allure of the world of farm fencing will eventually wear thin, and Nathan plus Mrs will be back in the familiar world of the grape before too long, leaving the bright lights of Greymouth behind him.

Greymouth ....

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