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Further Shock

Brian CrootBrian Croot, TP mainstay and old hand, today tendered his resignation, to “spend more time with Mavora (his beloved wife) and my new knee.” Brian is all metal on one side and sets off alarms in airports 100 metres away from security checks. He is getting the matching pair in a few months which should do wonders for Australia mining stock.

This resignation greeted with cries of dismay from all over the Paddocks, and particularly from the sheep for whom Brian has been The Godfather for years now. Their bleats of dismay go as follows: baah baah baah-ba ba ba–baah baah baah.

Similar scenes of outrage at Head Office with the Proprietor, in particular, put into a spectacular foaming tailspin. For him, the idea of T.P. without Brian is unthinkable. Brian knows more about tractors and stock than Alan Greenspan knows about stock markets. Come to think of it, not a great analogy. Brian probably knows more about the stock market than Greenspan. And a whole lot more beside.

We have therefore refused to accept Brian’s going, in no uncertain terms. Luckily Brian, while not around as much, has said he will come back on a consulting basis and in particular keep an avuncular eye on our livestock.

Signs and bleats of relief all round.

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