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Farewell to Ed Limato

More heartbreak...

Well it’s all getting a bit much now...

Ed LimatoOur  dear friend and colleague, Ed Limato, legendary Hollywood agent died last month. Ed was the Proprietor’s agent, mentor, confidant, guide, and most importantly, friend for about 25 years. He is deeply missed.

Ed was hilarious, loyal, smart, louche, vain, self - deprecating, entertaining, impeccable, generous to a fault, handsome, charismatic, naughty,  and altogether delightful. We followed Ed from William Morris to ICM and back to William Morris again. But basically, we’d follow him anywhere. If Ed had set up office in the Congo, we’d have gone there without a murmur.

Like many, the Proprietor is dazed, confused and wondering what life will be like without Ed.  And, dammit, without Ed’s parties.

Now, in the interest of objectivity, it has to be admitted that Ed, for all his manifest virtues did have one or two minor, minor flaws. For one, Ed only drank vodka. Not a major vice, but it did mean Ed was deprived of the many benefits of wine. On the credit side, Ed was a big supporter of Two Paddocks, and always had a case in the house whenever he could find it, and would serve it to his guests (and Ed’s place was more often than not full of people).

A truly impressive man, and a stellar career, and we loved him.

So, goodbye Ed.

And look, could we please put a halt to all this dying that’s going on ? Enough already.

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