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Fading Star

Management would like to confirm the rumours – yes, its true: Brian Brown, our long serving South Suffolk ram has gone. His fan base, (admittedly, fast dwindling) will be distressed to learn, that not only has he been sold, but that all the old boy was worth was $NZ100. A paltry sum indeed for a chap who’d sired generations of black faced lambs at Redbank. Apparently, however he left with his head held high, and his dignity reasonably intact. The ewes reportedly turned away, unable to watch Brian riding off to the horizon.

Still he can take comfort in the following – firstly, he will have a modest harem of 6 ewes at his new property, and secondly his duties here have been taken over by no less than two pretenders doing a job that Brian could easily handle himself. Yes, two young rams arrive next week, and apparently raring to go; Jack Thomson (no relation, different spelling) and Mel Gibbston (no relation, different spelling). Two stars obviously on the rise in our paddocks.

Time will tell, but our pick is that Mel could well be Action Ram, while Jack looks more of the ladies man sort of sheep.


While we’re on the subject of life on the farm – one of our rare breed chooks has four black chicks at her feet as of last week. Big Boy looking pleased with himself. Mind you, its not all lavender and roses in the outback here – and there have been two recorded attempts on their lives by a passing hawk. So far so good – if free range teaches you nothing else, you do learn (if you’re a chicken) to make a lot of noise and to run like hell!

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