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Extreme Drinking

In moderation only, naturally.

Here at T.P.H.Q., we test our superb wines under the most extreme conditions, in order to satisfy ourselves that they stand up to the most trying of conditions, thereby ensuring that you, our valued customer, will enjoy them as we do wherever you are.

For instance, recently we realized we had to put our wine up against the most extreme conditions in terms of physically beauty, and assess if the wine could acquit itself well, i.e. be as gloriously gorgeous as the surroundings, or just slip by unnoticed.

Would T.P. stand up here, in The Valley Of The Gods?

Valley of the Gods


P. Baxter, Esq., bon vivant, adventurer, fisherman and extreme palate, and the Proprietor were selected for this most exacting of tasks, and graciously shouldered their burden without a murmur  of complaint. Yesterday they journeyed far into the hinterland carrying a precious bottle of Two Paddocks First Paddock 2007, and put it to the test in a valley of such isolation and grandeur only the most sumptuous of wines would even get a look in.

While allowing the wine to acclimatise, and waiting for lunch, the Two Palates® permitted themselves a quick fish to get their minds off the tension and excitement before the Big Test

Fish were caught. And released.

Rainbows and Browns.

Big fish   Big fish

At 13:07 hours, P.B. did the honours, and eased the Stelvin off the top.  Silence fell as the Two Palates carefully tasted as objectively and comprehensively  as possible. The Pinot was tried both with and without food (bacon and egg pie, courtesy the Baxter kitchen).

Two Palates at work.

Palate 1   Palate 2


At 13:27 hours a verdict was reached.

Result: Unanimous -- 5 Stars,  even under these most trying conditions.

We, the jury, find that you, the wine buff, can take your T.P. anywhere with confidence.

Footnote : R. Tompkins and M. Hanna were downstream, but God alone knows what they were drinking, since they had absolutely no recall at day’s end.

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