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Ecological Triumph

This is massive.

The Prop is back, striding around the vineyards.

Staff are standing straighter, the pigs are perkier, the vines are vimmier, the chooks are singing arias (Puccini in the main) ...


However, a marvelous thing just today. We have been planting hundreds of native trees and shrubs over the years around watercourses, on our hills and so on. We not only think they look good and always seem at home in our landscape. But more than anything, we want to attract back native birds, for whom there has not been much in the way of attraction in the valley for the last few decades.

Then for the last two years, they have slowly started to return. First , a couple of years ago, grey warblers and fantails began to arrive.

BellbirdThen Mike began to report that a couple of bellbirds were seen, and a tui. The Prop was skeptical, but hopeful . These birds are true icons, much loved, but rare indeed.

And then today, the clarion call – like a bolt of lightning down the spine. As the Prop walked through the trees, just behind him, a bellbird at full throat. Almost brought a tear to the eye. A dream realized.

Interestingly this bird had an entirely different song to those over the hill. Now looking out for a tui ...

Funny how the simplest things can be the most delightful and rewarding.

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