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Dog Eats Car

The company dog, Fire, is at risk of losing her position having eaten a fair bit of the proprietor’s car this day. Fire takes her responsibilities at the vineyard very seriously, i.e. rabbit control, and seemingly chased one into the engine of the boss’s Mini-Cooper S. Having bailed up the unfortunate bunny she then, with a strength and determination that belies her years, tore off a bumper, grill and other parts that we don’t know the names of. Now, while we appreciate that rabbits have absolutely no place in the production of fine wine, this is really going too far. Words have been spoken. Voices have been raised. The question also arises: Will the Insurance Co. believe any of this?

One possible explanation has been raised for this bizarre behaviour from a dog of otherwise sweet and agreeable disposition – we know Fire is an enthusiast for classic cars  (witness her obvious pleasure with the company’s 1947 Chevy Thriftmaster pick-up truck) It may just be that she prefers old minis to the new version.

Alternatively it may be a protest at this years New Year’s Honours. The Proprietor was awarded a rather big gong this year (D.C.N.Z.M. – look it up) and Fire may have felt this was undeserved. Along with one or two others. The Proprietor’s head got quite big for an hour or two, but he has returned to his normal sheepish appearance.

But back to the dog: we hasten to add that, contrary to some opinion in the yellow press, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are NOT a dangerous breed. And our dog is kind and affectionate with children and babies alike. However it would seem, perhaps, that they may pose some risk to fast cars.

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