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Digging Down and Dirty

Worm Wonderland

Are there no limits to our ingenuity? Are there no lengths to which we will not go to improve our soil? Is there any price too high that we will pay to make better compost? Are we barking mad? Is there a Higher Power to whom we devote every single waking moment to make better and better wine? Are we the non plus ultra of organics?

The answer to all the above is ... no. Lets say it again. No. There, we've said it. Except, however, with the last of those questions; the answer to which is ... well ... maybe. And the mad bit. That's also slightly a greyish area.

Be that as it may, you are probably asking yourself, what is going on here -- in the Compost Paddock? Mike (aka EverCleverTrevor) is this year employing on one of our compost heaps, old TP cardboard cartons as earthworm shelters. This enormously encourages these little beauties to flourish and work their wonders in the compost, then onto the soil, from t here to the soil in the vineyards, and ultimately of course to the vines themselves. To be technical for one cotton picking moment -- they produce beneficial microorganisms which lead to better soil health and fertility. Was that too dull? Yes probably.

The boxes are of course biodegradable, and of no more use to us. The question we ask ourselves is this. Did we drink all that wine ourseleves. From all those cases? Lets see now ... Yes. There. We've said it .

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