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Delinquent Sheep

Revolutionary Fence Jumping

We don’t know what’s going on here, but George Orwell would be having a field day at Two Paddocks. Following recent repeated Pig Uprisings, and the Appalling Goat Mutiny of  2010 (see below), today we have had to put up with an Outrage in the Sheep Department.

The Spirit of '68 seems to be alive and well here. (Tariq Ali was in New Zealand last week, but we are reasonably sure this was a coincidence; a most charming as well as erudite chap incidentally.)

Anyway, George Gleegun, our ram, last night, inflamed with unbridled lust and powered with the same reckless athleticism as his Wallaby namesake,  jumped not one, but TWO fences to get in amongst our ewes. This was completely unauthorized and illegal, and about three weeks before his time. George got to work immediately, and we can expect lambs about three weeks too early in the spring as a result.

We have never known a ram to jump a fence before, and he cleared ours with ease. Each fence was approximately 1.2 metres in height, and one was uphill to boot. An astonishing feat, but a ram with a mission to spread the spirit of Free Love looks capable of great things seemingly. The Authorities however are gnashing their teeth.

We can only hope he paces himself and shows a little more restraint than the previous ram, Yougo Weaving, who died on the job.

The ewes seem to know something is up.

Ewes know George Gleegun, bandit and revolutionary, has 21 girlfriends. Ram fun


(See our South Suffolk Sheep story in the Bestiary section)

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