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Delinquent Pig

Freedom or bacon?

Lives like a kingAnd here’s the thing – the push for freedom knows no boundaries, and there is definitely something in the air now following last year’s appalling Revolutionary Goat Insurrection (see Delinquent Goats story below).

Now, in the last 3 or 4 weeks, there have been several pig breakouts, and Angelica has turned into a real handful. He has got a taste for fruit, which is in plentiful supply at this time of year, and barges through fences at will. He has also chosen twice to root up our prized and pampered lawn in front of the tasting room. He even lifted his gate off its hinges at one point last week. This in spite of the fact that he lives like a king, well housed and fed. Well, a king pig anyway. But it seems the wind of change has blown through his paddock, too. He alarmed Mike and Runelle this week by walking in their back door just in time for dinner.

So, enough is enough, and the Proprietor has had very stern words indeed. "You are a very, very naughty  pig!" that kind of thing ...

Pig scolding

We have to say there was very little evidence of contrition on Angelica’s part. This is a worry ...

(See Angelica's story in the Bestiary section)

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