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Cow Whisperer

cows Lady Caine and Gong Li cows The Prop and Gong Li deep in conversation, Gordy and Sweater listen in. Cows Gong Li likes a back scratch. She is fully grown, but does not seem to have any short person complex. Gordy too, although he is more stand offish.  Sweater is all over the place.

There probably isn't a movie in this ...

So, our much anticipated new chums have arrived. And look as comfortable as if they've always been here.

First of all, a milking cow, a friesan/jersey cross, who was originally called Shakira. She is such a beauty we have upgraded her name, and called her Lady Shakira Caine, after the one of the most beautiful women on the planet, and the wife of the great Sir Michael Caine (who is also a chook, but you knew that already.)

Then there are our two Miniature Belted Galloway Cattle. They resemble a cross between a panda bear and a cattle beast. The cow we have called after another of the world’s greatest beauties, Gong Li. There was something about the panda/chinese connection...yes, alright it makes no sense now. But Gong Li she is.

The steer came  already named as Gordy, and Gordy he stays. Anyway, it rhymes with Gong Li. Gong Li came with a friend, a weird looking sheep of a breed unknown in these parts. We have called him Sweater, because he looks like one of those excruciatingly embarrassing  sweaters your Gran took a year to knit especially for you, and you wish she hadn’t.

Gong Li and Sweater were raised together and are inseparable ...


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