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Cousins in Wine

Thicker than water, not falling far from the tree, etc.

So, those of you who know a little about our story already know that last year marked 150 years of the Neill family in the wine business in New Zealand (and who knows how many before that?)

Percival Clay Neill landed in Dunedin in 1861, and within a year had set up what would become the very successful Neill & Company Wines and Spirits Merchants.

All these years later a number of his descendants carry on the tradition, and are making wine both in Central Otago and Marlborough. And last week three of us met up for dinner in Marlborough -- George Elworthy, Gary Neill and S. Neill, with a bunch of other derros. Great fun, lots drunk. And further demonstration, if any were needed,  that we all produce cracking good wines.

And here are some present  ...


Pictured:  S.N. (Two Paddocks), Jules Taylor (Jules Taylor Wines), Sara and Gary Neill (Ballochdale Vineyard Estate), George Elworthy (Jules Taylor Wines).

Note: the Prop does not have the most enormous head in the room, that is simple a function of the lens.

Note: Jules and George are married.

Note: Jules is really gorgeous, and this photo does her no justice. Fact is, it’s the only one the Prop doesn’t look pissed in, so hard cheese, Jules.

Note: We recommend all Jules Taylor Wines and all Ballochdale wines as well. Check ‘em out ...

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