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We have an answer as to the missing Proprietor at the critical moment of harvest this year; caught in an excellent episode of the splendid Bro’town  (5th and last series) aired on 3rd May. In this episode he teaches the boys drama as guest teacher for a week. A tatty postcard informs us he is still there trying to find the motorway out of South Auckland. But enjoying himself. A case of Two Paddocks to our pals at Bro’town!


Field Tests

Of course, the other reason we sometimes (in the interest of fine wine production) go fishing, say, is to try our wine under varied circumstances. This is not simply quality checking, but also we, rather like NASA scientists in the 50’s, test the quality of our staff – in this case the Proprietor.


Here the Proprietor, having shared a bottle of Picnic with R. Tomkins, casts a wet fly upstream.

Result1:   Picnic Pinot Noir (2007 in this case) drinks very well in the High Country and is the perfect accompaniment to salami, lettuce and chutney sandwiches on Vogel’s wholemeal bread.

Result 2:  The Proprietor demonstrates that Picnic Pinot Noir, in moderation, will not impair your cast. There have been instances recorded even of a slight improvement, albeit temporary

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