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28 Lambs Later

Keith very happy.

28 lambs George Gleegun’s progeny are legion in the ewe paddock. Hopefully we do not have 28 mini-maniacs on our hands.

After the autumnal rapine and pillage in the ewe's paddock by the infamous sex-crazed maniac George Gleegun, our lambs arrived at least three weeks ahead of schedule. Luckily the weather has been reasonably benign since then, and we have an unprecedented number of lambs gambolling about -- 28 in all. Animal husband Keith declares himself well pleased.

This is certainly a better result than the batch fathered by Yougo Weaving, RIP, who, it will be remembered, died on the job, so to speak. Well, it's a tough job keeping twenty females happy simultaneously, one imagines. Look at stress levels in the outer reaches of Salt Lake City for instance.

Still, there is no question of George being welcomed back into the fold. He was a sheepicidal liability, and no mistake.

This may be hard to break to their namesakes. Last year it may be remembered Hugo Weaving was moved to unmanly tears (see 2010 blog) at news of YouGo's untimely demise. He may have his own views on the rogue Gleegun. And the dropping of Gleegun from the side could be poor timing, given RWC nerves at the present time, and George Gregan we suspect could find this disconcerting. We’ve said nothing, so if you see him, change the subject diplomatically.

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